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How to travel in New York Without spending too much money

How to travel in New York without spending too much money

Learning how to travel in New York without spending too much money is a practical approach to having fun.  Being a little tight on the budget may not be enough for you to enjoy exclusive travel options, but you can still have the best time of travelling around the city while having the best time of your life.

Options on how to travel in New York without spending too much money

There are a lot of attractions that can be found in the city that never sleeps and with so much attractions, it would be huge toll on your pocket to pay for a taxi ride from one place to another.  The “New York Pass” is the perfect answer to your question of how to travel in New York without spending too much money.

The New York Pass is purchased for a price of about $54 and is good for one day.  From that pass alone, you will be able to roam up to more than 40 attractions all throughout the city without additional charges, just the one-time payment for the pass.

Upon purchase of the pass, you will gain up to more than 55 entry from various attractions for free.  From those attractions, you can choose from the Empire State Building, Circle Line River Cruise, Museum of Modern Art, New York Skyride, Central Park Bicycle Tour, Grand Central, Statue of Liberty and a whole lot more to choose from.  From the pass, you will also be given a guidebook that can point you to the right directions to the next attraction that you want to enjoy.  From there, you will see the operating hours of every city attraction, including shops and restaurants that you can find in New York City.  The pass can also be used in Hop-on Hop-off bus packages that can save you more time and money.

Aside from the pass, you can have a travel agency arrange that for you.  Travel agencies have a lot resource for transport while some would even have their own.  Through them, you will be able to save more from discounts offered to them by transportation companies like taxi and limousine.

Subway is one of the most used mode of transportation in the city.  Although the lines can be a little confusing, use a guidebook for you to ride the right train for your destination.

If your destination is short enough to be walked, then it would be better if you take that walk.  Walking is a common thing done in the city and so can you.  This way, you will be able to personally enjoy the air of the city and the beautiful sites that you can see.

Notes on how to travel in New York without spending too much money

Travelling in any city around the world for the first time can be challenging but fun as well.  Remember that if ever you get lost, there are always people you can turn to, to ask for directions.  Patience is important in learning how to travel in New York without spending too much money, since not all the quality mode of transportation can cost you a lot of money if you hurry too much.

Best places to eat in New York

Best places to eat in New York

Food is a major necessity that a person needs and being in New York, you will most definitely be surrounded with a platoon delicacy.  Finding the best places to eat in New York can lead you from street foods to top of the line celebrity chef restaurants that can fill you up with the best the world can offer.

A collection of the best places to eat in New York

The top restaurants are most definitely the one of the best places to eat in New York but, it comes with a price.  21 Club offers the best American cuisines with a list of the best wines and the best services.  Adour of prominent chef Alain Ducasse bringing to the table contemporary approach to the dining experience.  Aquavit is the very first Scandinavian restaurant that opened in New York City and offers a selection of Aqua Vitae the elixir that is known to give eternal life to those who drink it.  Bouley serves modern French cuisine with an exquisite line of menu and set in an intimate interior.  Aureole is considered to be one of the finest restaurants in the United States and is also known worldwide for its owner, award winning chef Charlie Palmer.

When short for cash or simply a little tight on the budget, you can go for cheap but tasty meals in New York.  99 Miles to Philly is the first stop offering the best cheesesteak that no one else is ever said to make.  Amsterdam Restaurant offers a menu mixed with Mediterranean, Asian and Latin cuisine and decorated with a warm and modern interior you can relax with.  The Bagel Hole offers the best-tasting bagels in Brooklyn with a selection of spreads that will keep your mouth watering.  Corner bistro is one of the contenders for the best burger category in New York where you can enjoy it with beer.  Shake Shack has the best summer foods in their menu, with burgers, fries, shakes hotdogs and more beloved food for the masses are available.

If you want to dine where the famous eat, there are a lot of these places that you can find in New York.  Balthazar has a vast collection of aged mirrors, leather banquettes and a huge bar offering patrons with Steak Frites, Brandale de Moorue and other exquisite ingredients that you can pair with the best of French Wine in their collection.  DB Bistro Moderne is a mix of French and American bistro where the menu changes as the season goes with the best burgers and fries in town.  Masa is a restaurant for the elite and with deep pockets where the meals are prepared according to what ingredients are available offering only multicourse tasting menus for lunch and dinner.

Notes on the best places to eat in New York

When looking for places to eat, it would always be right to set yourself to the right kind of place that you can enjoy and of course, afford.  Going around the city, you will be able to satisfy all the food cravings that you have, just make sure that you have the list of all the best places to eat in New York.

Staying at hostels in New York might prove an eye opening experience

Hostels in New York seems to be all about what hostels in other parts of the world are not. For instance, you will find that unlike hostels in other parts of the world, hostels in New York are remarkably clean and tidy. Further, there are plentiful hostels across the big city whereby no matter which part of the city you may prefer – perhaps since your agenda lies close to that part, you will find a hostel in the vicinity. Overall, if you are looking to dispel all the myths that you have possibly held for long within your mind about hostels as a whole, it is perhaps time to quell all those myths and have a truly eye opening experience while staying at any of the numerous hostels in New York.

A common concern often tends to be that of privacy; with hostels in New York, that really should not be a concern, given the fact that there are numerous hostels across the city which offers private rooms instead of dorms. That way, you are assured of your own little space, away from the prying eyes of others around you. Further, thanks to private rooms, you are also ensured of sound sleep as well as safety of your belongings, which might get a little compromised when you have many others around you, with easy access to all your belongings.

hostels in New York: the food

Food was another aspect which was often a concern to hostel dwellers; while some hostels did not have any catering facilities, others had a very limited menu. Still others had a comprehensive menu yet very poor quality of food on offer. With hostels in New York, this too does not seem to be a valid concern any more since these hostels are very well stocked on food, that too of exemplary quality. They have made special effort to have quality chefs on board, who ensure that only the choicest and truly lip smacking dishes are offered to patrons.

Overall facilities at these hostels have also been given a huge fillip. For instance, you will often find free Internet on offer across all these hostels. Further, everyday concerns such as laundry, ironing is also invariably taken care of at these hostels, with or without additional charges.

Hostels in new york

Hostels in New York: the happiness

Finally, in case you thought that all these privileges come at a very fancy price, then you are certainly mistaken since hostels in New York are known to offer complete and absolute value for money, every step of the wayHostels in New York are also very well known for the sense of camaraderie that they are able to establish on behalf of all those who stay at the hostel. This aspect is often magnified by the fact that there are a number of hostels which cater exclusively to people from certain parts of the world, with distinctive cultures, food habits and possibly languages too. This initiative is not to create a sense of discrimination but rather to make all those from the same background to feel totally at ease.


Setting realistic expectations for the time you will spend at hostels in New York city

When you know you are heading towards a hostel, be it at any of the numerous hostels in New York City or virtually any other, it is imperative that you set realistic expectations for the time that you will be spending at these hostels. Any extreme opinions or expectations in this regard would only lead to disappointment; while having absolutely no expectations whatsoever might leave things a little too drab. So what is advised is a medium to low level of optimism, rather than blanket sanguinity or pessimism. We will explain the rationale behind our advice, in the ensuing paragraphs.

Take for instance, the reasonably basic expectation that you will be able to have comfortable and peaceful sleep while you are staying at hostels in New York City. Remember that this may actually not be true in a lot of cases; in hostel dormitories, you often have fellow occupants of the same dorm, with a penchant for “nightly activities” which may very well rob you of your sleep! Still others may prefer to talk on the telephone or watch TV at a volume which would make sound sleep virtually impossible.

Hostels in new york


Hostels in new york city: optimistic expectation

Another overly optimistic expectation that a lot of visitors to these hostels in New York City tend to have, pertains to personal computers and their usage; they think that there would be a machine for every resident at the hostel and that they would be able to use the machine whenever they feel like and for however long they wish to. In most cases, such an expectation does come crashing down, with hostels in New York City invariably having limited machines and many more dwellers desirous of using these machines, which straightway implies that each person would get to spend a lot less time on a particular machine, than otherwise forethought.

On the other end of the spectrum are extremely pessimistic views about the food that is served at these hostels. Agreed that there was a time when many hostels in New York City would offer poor quality food to their patrons, which would leave them all with a bitter taste (in every sense!), with many of these visitors vowing to themselves to not only avoid that particular hostel in the future, but also all hostels in general. Today, such an aftertaste is certainly not the norm, given the dramatic improvement that all hostels in New York City have witnessed in terms of the quality and variety of food that is made available.

Hostels in new york city: the aspect of price

Finally, when we come to the aspect of price, nearly all visitors assume that it would be dirt cheap to stay at hostels in New York City. This is actually not always true under all circumstances. For instance, you will find a lot of hostels whose prices actually come close to matching up with hotels. Given the rapid advancements that hostels in New York City have made in terms of the services and overall level of quality that they offer, rock bottom prices is something which should not be expected anyway.

Safety at hostels in New York is simply unparalleled

When it comes to the aspect of safety, hostels in New York seem to score over practically all avenues for staying in the city. Remember that New York has a reasonably bad crime scenario wherein things often tend to go awry when least expected. It is therefore extremely important that you take care of your safety and security at all times.

In this regard, special mention must be made of the “women-only” hostels in New York. These are essentially hostels where only women are allowed to stay. That way, the sense of security for single women travelers is increased incrementally.

Besides women, men too have been found to be privy to various possible threats. This is especially true for those who may be relatively new to the city and may end up venturing to what are considered to be somewhat “shady” locales or areas. By staying in a hostel in a relatively safe area, one can be assured one’s safety and security.

Hostels in new york: you need to feel this

Going beyond personal safety, it has been seen that safety of belongings is also taken care of to the maxim, at hostels in New York. Largely, these are hostels which ensure that all patrons have their own rooms and within them, provisions such as lockers, etc. This way, it is to a large extent guaranteed that there is no pilferage of items whatsoever, in the way things often happen in common dormitories where fellow dwellers at the hostel may themselves be responsible for taking others’ items.

Broadly, the aspect of safety and discipline is also brought about, thanks to the fact that these hostels do tend to have discipline in terms of timings strictly enforced on patrons. So when you are staying at hostels in New York, there would be fixed timings when you would enter the hostel as well as fixed timings when you would leave the hostel. That way, trespassers and most other elements are kept away from the hostel.

Hostels in new york


Further, many of these hostels in New York function in a manner whereby, besides those actually staying at the hostel, no one else is permitted inside the premises. Unlike hotels where there is the concept of restaurants or clubs where patrons might walk in only to have a good time, without any intention of actually staying at the hotel, in hostels, it is often strictly forbidden to enter, unless one is actually staying there. That way, the security aspect is again emphasized to a great extent.

Hostels in new york: the security

On the whole, you will find that hostels in New York typify security and safety to a very large extent. And this kind of an attitude has easily percolated down to nearly all the hostels in town. So no matter where you go, you will find that your safety would always remain paramount. This is one aspect that you particularly need to be totally confident about. Therefore, the next time you are off to the Big Apple, maybe for a business trip or just to have a leisure time, consider staying at any of the numerous hostels in town, completely nonchalant to any and every security concern!