Best places to eat in New York

Best places to eat in New York

Food is a major necessity that a person needs and being in New York, you will most definitely be surrounded with a platoon delicacy.  Finding the best places to eat in New York can lead you from street foods to top of the line celebrity chef restaurants that can fill you up with the best the world can offer.

A collection of the best places to eat in New York

The top restaurants are most definitely the one of the best places to eat in New York but, it comes with a price.  21 Club offers the best American cuisines with a list of the best wines and the best services.  Adour of prominent chef Alain Ducasse bringing to the table contemporary approach to the dining experience.  Aquavit is the very first Scandinavian restaurant that opened in New York City and offers a selection of Aqua Vitae the elixir that is known to give eternal life to those who drink it.  Bouley serves modern French cuisine with an exquisite line of menu and set in an intimate interior.  Aureole is considered to be one of the finest restaurants in the United States and is also known worldwide for its owner, award winning chef Charlie Palmer.

When short for cash or simply a little tight on the budget, you can go for cheap but tasty meals in New York.  99 Miles to Philly is the first stop offering the best cheesesteak that no one else is ever said to make.  Amsterdam Restaurant offers a menu mixed with Mediterranean, Asian and Latin cuisine and decorated with a warm and modern interior you can relax with.  The Bagel Hole offers the best-tasting bagels in Brooklyn with a selection of spreads that will keep your mouth watering.  Corner bistro is one of the contenders for the best burger category in New York where you can enjoy it with beer.  Shake Shack has the best summer foods in their menu, with burgers, fries, shakes hotdogs and more beloved food for the masses are available.

If you want to dine where the famous eat, there are a lot of these places that you can find in New York.  Balthazar has a vast collection of aged mirrors, leather banquettes and a huge bar offering patrons with Steak Frites, Brandale de Moorue and other exquisite ingredients that you can pair with the best of French Wine in their collection.  DB Bistro Moderne is a mix of French and American bistro where the menu changes as the season goes with the best burgers and fries in town.  Masa is a restaurant for the elite and with deep pockets where the meals are prepared according to what ingredients are available offering only multicourse tasting menus for lunch and dinner.

Notes on the best places to eat in New York

When looking for places to eat, it would always be right to set yourself to the right kind of place that you can enjoy and of course, afford.  Going around the city, you will be able to satisfy all the food cravings that you have, just make sure that you have the list of all the best places to eat in New York.

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