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A multicultural perspective at hostels in New York City

Hostel in new yorkWhile some may squirm at the very idea of staying at hostels in New York city, with preconceived notions such as these hostels being crowded and filthy, truth is that such an experience can be an absolute eye opener. 

Essentially what you will find is that when you stay at hostels in New York city, you get to meet and greet people from all kinds of cultures, races and nationalities and also spend a great deal of time with them. Otherwise, even in hotels, you do tend to have people from diverse nationalities and regions coming and staying in. Yet the key difference lies in the fact that when you stay at hotels, you do not really interact closely with other guests; staying pretty much aloof to their presence.from the point of view of gaining a multicultural perspective.

Agreed that some of us may actually prefer the privacy and aloofness but a lot of us increasingly want to have that vital exposure to other cultures, values and traditions. This is especially true since we all seem to find.

Hostels in new york city: this is life

ourselves increasingly living in a globalized world where people from different races, cultures and traditions are coming together, with the singular aim of making a living and having a better life, while doing what they would either have to do, or in some privileged cases what they want to do.

At the same time, given various professional compulsions and commitments whereby it may not be too easy to interact personally with co-workers from different cultures, staying at hostels in New York city provides you the perfect opportunity and platform to do with absolute ease. It is therefore in your own interest that if you do want to gain such a perspective, then you choose to stay at such hostels.

Why New York you might say….well, from amongst all the American cities, New York City is easily the most revered as well as the most visited place, from a tourist as well as a multicultural perspective. So if exposure in diversity is what you seek, then New York City would definitely be your best starting point.

Hostels in new york city: enjoy

Remember that the reasons are not always emotional or to do with some sort of a passion for other cultures and traditions. Rather, in a lot of cases, things are coming to a stage where they simply do not have any choice. For instance, if you run a company where more than half of all your employees come from cultures that are different from yours, you certainly want to get a good understanding of those cultures, for the benefit of your own enterprise. And what better way to do so than to stay at any of the various hostels in New York city?

Overall, given the enormous development and progress that hostels in New York city have witnessed in recent times, things like discomfort or lack of privacy are no more issues either. And, lest we forget, you will actually save a lot of money when you stay at hostels in New York city, due to the significantly lower tariffs.

Enjoy a different holiday experience with a stay at a hostel in New York

As we progress through life, many every day activities tend to get drab, monotonous and highly predictable. For instance, if you are a regular business traveler to New York City, you will find yourself in the comfort of a plush New York City hotel, all too frequently. While this may actually be to the liking of some, there is a vast majority out there which does not appreciate this level of predictability. They prefer adventure in life, which is sometimes preferably manifested in the places that they dwell as well, even if temporarily.

Hostel in new york

For all such persons, a stay at a hostel in New York is certainly very highly recommended.

Firstly, they would in all likelihood, paying a whole lot less than at a New York City hotel. This aspect is of particular relevance when one pays from one’s own pocket for the stay, viz. the trip is not company sponsored.

Beyond the cost aspect, the experience of staying at a hostel in New York can be charming in many different ways. For instance, you may choose to stay at a hostel which typically hosts visitors only from your part of the world. So in case you are a German from say Berlin, and business brings you to New York City on a regular basis, then you would definitely feel maximally at home, while staying at a New York City hostel which only hosts Germans.

Hostel in New York feeling nostalgia

A feeling of nostalgia also sets in very easily, while staying at a hostel in New York. In all likelihood, in case you are a corporate honcho today, then the last time you stayed in a hostel or dormitory like environment may have been a long time ago, perhaps during your college days. Staying at a hostel in New York allows you to relive those days and bring in a sense of nostalgia.

Further, given the way the world is increasingly getting globalized with each passing day, it is important for all business persons to have a sense or an experience of this level of globalization, personally as well. For this, hostels prove to be a perfect setting, with people from diverse communities and cultures coming together to stay under one roof. Of course, this is true only for those hostels which accept individuals from all cultures, communities and regions.

Hostel in new york for business travelers

In the past, many such business travelers had reservations about staying at a hostel in New York, citing reasons such as being too crowded or noisy and offering very little privacy. If you look at the hostels in New York today, you will find that pretty much all or at least most of them have definitely taken care of this aspect.

Overall, we find that a stay at a hostel in New York can offer unparalleled advantages and benefits. Further, in spite of the size and spread of New York City, given the large number of hostels that have proliferated across town, you should certainly have no problem in finding a hostel at a location convenient to you, which also manages to suit all your other requirements.

Maintaining etiquette while staying at a hostel in New York

While visiting New York City and staying at a hostel in New York, it is extremely important that you maintain a certain degree of etiquette. Of course, these are aspects which you should be wary of, while being in a similar setting in virtually any part of the world. At the same time, the American culture particularly emphasizes privacy and personal space, something which you should always respect and abide by, while staying at a hostel in New York. In this article, we will look at some of the aspects that you should particularly be careful about.

Talking loudly, either personally or on the phone

While staying at a hostel in New York, it is imperative that you remain sedate about your activities and not be too loud or boisterous about them. This especially includes the volume at which you speak, both personally as well as over the phone. When you are inside a room, the importance of this aspect may get reduced slightly, but when you are in a public setting such as a dorm, it is quintessential that you speak in a low tone and volume; others may well be trying to catch up on some much needed sleep, and may even have an early morning flight to catch after that – by being loud, you may come in the way of all their plans.

hostel in new york: Maintaining timings

Hostel in new york

Staying at a hostel in New York also means that you pay adherence to timings. Most hostels in New York do have timings in terms of when patrons can leave and when they can come back to the hostel. This helps the hostel coordinate activities centered round the visitors such as meal timings, laundry, cleaning of dorms and rooms, etc. While staying at any New York hostel, you must be wary of these timings and abide by them to the fullest extent possible.

Using shared resources judiciously

In any hostel in New York – and indeed in hostels across the world, you will find that there are numerous resources which are shared. For instance, an entire dormitory might have just one or two toilets and bathrooms. Also, there could be just one refrigerator for the entire hostel. The Internet connection would also most certainly be a shared one, and in case you do not have your own machine, you would have to use one which is shared by others in the hostel as well. As a responsible visitor to a hostel in New York, it is your prerequisite that you remain judicious in the usage of all these resources. This includes limiting the time you take to use the bathroom or the toilet; not spending too much time on a shared computer; not downloading heavy files on your personal computer or laptop which may suck up bandwidth for others in the hostel and so on.

hostel in new york: Leaving the hostel clean

Finally, after what would hopefully have been a memorable stay, it is essential that you leave the hostel in New York neat and clean, the way it was when you first entered it. Littering all over, reflects poorly on you, as well as puts a negative stereotypical botch on the part of the world that you come from – an impression you certainly would not want to leave behind.


Homely environment at a hostel in New York city

Whenever the word ‘hostel’ is mentioned, images that conjure up in the minds of readers or listeners are on the lines of crammed and often dirty places which are a far cry from the comfortable homes that most of us are used to living in. But what if we told you that such imagery is in fact very wrong? Yes, if you took one look at a hostel in New York city, you would have a very good idea of what we are taking about over here. That is the reason, it has been commonly said that if one is looking for a real home away from home in New York City, then one should not look any further than the hostel properties in the city.

Hostel in New York city

In this regard, special credit definitely has to be given to the hostel owners. They have put in a lot of effort to ensure that all visitors or residents at these hostels feel at home, to the maximum extent possible. This includes taking care of small aspects such as laundry, décor, and various other provisions which together make visitors feel completely at home.

Privacy is another aspect that a lot of hostel dwellers invariably clamor about; they feel that at any hostel, there is just no privacy with most visitors or dwellers having to stay in dorms, in complete visibility of others. Hostel owners recognized this problem very own and made sure that no matter which hostel in New York city, it had a sense of privacy to it, for the residents. So many of them have done away with public dorms and replaced them with private rooms. Even if this has meant lesser capacity and higher tariffs, the visitors have been largely very happy with this change.

Hostel in New York city: large gathering

With rooms, another common complaint of visitors has also been taken care of; viz. noise created by others in the same space. Typically, once in a dorm, there would be a large gathering of heterogeneous individuals, going about their respective businesses. Given the varied timings of each of these different individuals, while some may want to catch a nap, others may prefer to watch television while yet another set would prefer to yap away on their cell phones! No doubt, this would be a cause of extreme concern for those with other ideas on their minds! Private rooms have ensured that these are no longer matters of concern to visitors and they can all have a jolly good time.

Hostel in New York city: homogeneity

With the rise of community hostels in New York city, a sense of homogeneity has also come about which was otherwise missing in the past. For instance, if you are from Sweden, you might find a hostel in New York city which gives out rooms only to Swedes. Herein, you will find Swedish food, Swedish music as well as people all around you who share the same language as well as come from the same culture. No doubt, all of this makes a huge difference as far as exemplifying the overall hostel experience.

In summation, next time you are at a hostel in New York city, you can easily look forward to a homely setting or environment, which you will truly cherish for a long time to come.

Staying with like minded persons at a hostel in New York city

While a stay at a hostel may not be as comfortable as a stay in a hotel, there certainly are a wide range of advantages that only a hostel can offer, as compared to hotels which usually pale in comparison. For instance, you will find that while staying at a hostel in New York city, it would be quite likely that you will find other like minded persons. This includes persons with similar tastes and preferences as you. Not only that, you might run into people from the same culture or community as you. For a lot of people who are very particular on certain aspects such as these, this can certainly prove to be a vital draw as far as enjoying a stay in New York to the hilt is concerned.

Hostel in New York city

Take for instance, a group of travelers which comes from say a heterogeneous country like India. Now, once at a hostel in New York city, if the group bumps into other travelers who may also be from the same part of India as them, then they would quite likely gel well together. Further, when you have communities with certain specific preferences, such as say vegetarianism, then it is great to be around communities with like minded interests and preferences.

Besides this accidental or unintentional coming together of diverse individuals at a hostel in New York city, it so happens that very often, hostels themselves are instrumental in ensuring that only people with similar interests and preferences manage to come together. For instance, there are hostels in New York which are known to have a penchant for those with an active interest in music; live shows form an integral part of the activities at these hostels which is why they encourage all visitors to at least be a part of the musical extravaganza, in some way or the other.

Hostel in New York city: culture, community

Further, there are hostel owners who themselves allow only those from a certain culture, community or background to come and stay at their hostel. This should not be taken to be discriminatory behavior. Instead, the aim here is to try and have homogenous groups at the hostel so that they can all be together and feel at ease. This kind of initiative from hostel owners proves particularly beneficial when you have people from a linguistic background other than English, coming to visit New York City and stay at these hostels. For instance, it is widely known that there are hostels in New York City which cater only to visitors from their native European countries, such as Polish hostels for visitors from Poland and so on.

Hostel in New York city: hotel environments

This similarity and homogeneity in turn leads to a sense of assimilation and camaraderie which is otherwise hard to see in most other hostel or hotel environments. This is one of the primary reasons that a lot of visitors choose to stay at a hostel in New York city, even if they would otherwise be in a comfortable position so say, stay at a luxurious New York City hotel – they would much rather be amidst people they are most comfortable with!