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What do you want to know about New York?


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The unique culture of New York

The unique culture of New York

The unique culture of New York can be seen in all corners of the city.  At first, there were a lot of cultural movements that happened when in the 1940’s it was one of the best sites for Jazz, expressionism in the 50’s and became the home of hip hop, beat generation and punk rock in the 20th century together with the American modern dance.

The unique culture of New York:  Music, theatre, literature, art, dance

The unique culture of New York City can be seen in various areas.   It was in 1842 when The New York Philharmonic was formed and was key to establishing the musical reputation of the city.  Blues with the influence of jazz and then modernized started in New York where various versions of the genre emerged, so as the bands and vocalists.  It was also here that American folk music was revived.  The 60’s was the year of the disco and 70’s became the year of punk rock while the 70’s started the beginning of hip hop, funk, r&b and the 80’s played host to the so-called East Coast rap.

The Broadway musical came to fruition in New York that reflected real life situations that are being show in theatres.  Musicals were staged in this famed city and the playwrights like Elia Kazan and Arthur Miller were those who became the icons.  As of today, the city houses the 39 largest theatres where many of the popular Broadway shows become hits worldwide.

Literature has and is still playing an important part in the culture of New York City.  This is the place that gave birth to Harlem Renaissance that established what is known to be the African-American literary canon in the America which is also called “flowering of Negro literature.”  The New York Intellectuals emerged in the middle of the 20th century, a group of American writers and critics of literature.  Up until now, literature is still flourishing within the city.

New York City hosted an exhibition in the year 1913 called the Armory Show, bringing works of European modernist to the American soil and has since influenced the art making process in the United States up until the twentieth century.  The effervescent visual arts in the 50’s and 60’s characterized the American pop art movement.  As of today, the city is the center of the international market for the artworks with neighbourhoods of galleries showcasing works of known and to-be-known artists.

Modern dances become known in the 20th century in New York.  Since then, it gave birth to more types of dance that is now celebrated all throughout the world.  As rich as its history in New York, dances worldwide are now sharing with the glory that started in the city.

More than the unique culture of New York

Such cultures would have not emerged or even succeeded up until these times if not for the people who have supported it.  The city government itself is one of the biggest supporters of various crafts in the city that enriches the unique culture of New York not only for the locales but for everyone.

The best hangout places in New York

The best hangout places in New York

Being in the city that never sleeps where people are always on the go, it would only be best that you enjoy the flow of everyday in New York.  It would only be right for you to know the best hangout places in New York, to enjoy the best of every part of the city.  The city is known for a lot of landmarks and you can easily get lost with the number of choices you have.

List of the best hangout places in New York during the day

Here is a list of the best hangout places in New York that you can use in going around the city during the day.

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park – this area is located near the Brooklyn Bridge and is a great spot to have great relaxation while enjoying the scenic view of the towering buildings across the river.
  • Governors Island – 7-minute ferry ride can lead you to this island sanctuary that served as a military outpost and said to be off-limits to public visitors for 200 years.
  • High Line – an outdoor park elevated on the west side of Manhattan filled with greens and sculptures that adorn the outdoor scene of the city and the majestic view of the Hudson River.
  • Sheep Meadow – this is an area located in Central Park which is a 15-acre field found at the south west end of the park.
  • Washington Square Park – considered being one of the best sites to people-seeing during the warm months of the year.  Here you will see musicians and other street artists with skaters and a whole lot more people gather in what used to be a potter’s field.
  • Brooklyn Heights and promenade – is the place where you can find well-preserved Italianate and Greek Revival row houses filled with shops, bars and restaurants.  The promenade offers a great view for firework displays during the fourth of July.

List of the best hangout places in New York during the night

Night life in New York is well-known all over the world and you can start by hanging out in a selection of clubs.

  • Comedy Clubs – are great places to have a good laugh.  The city is well-known for great comic acts and clubs.
  • Music Venues – any popular band or singer that sets his/her eyes on the United States make sure to set a date with the city of New York.  A lot of these artists play in various clubs all throughout the city while others showcase new talents.
  • Dance Clubs – a lot of dance clubs can be found all over the city.  They range from simple pubs to high-end clubs where the VIPs are usually found even artists and stars.
  • Jazz Clubs – in the world of jazz, New York is considered to be the hub and big names have made their name in this city.

There are a whole lot more places in New York that you can go to and have some great fun.  Be it relaxation by day and party by night, all you need to do is look for the best hangout places in New York.

The best clubs in New York

The best clubs in New York

Hitting the streets of New York at night will lead you to a series of the best clubs in New York and some of which even considered being the best in the entire planet.  A lot of these clubs have set the trend in how people are now partying all throughout the night and who knows, you might even bump into one of the famous celebrities in Hollywood.

A bunch of the best clubs in New York that you will enjoy

Check out the collection of the best clubs in New York and read through what they can offer you at a price that’s worth every cent you spend.

Formerly known as Club Aer, Kiss & Fly is a busy club that even with reservation, you would still be having a hard time getting in with the line of people on its entrance wanting to get in as much as you do.  It features a curved and elevated bar with banquettes of the same effect making the dance floor look like it sunk.

IF you want to experience real exclusivity, RDV is the best spot for you to go clubbing and have a sip of the priciest cocktails.  The interior is tasteful with antiques and crystal chandeliers.  You will be served by three-piece suited waiters and at the same time, you can jam with the beat of big-time DJs.  Here, you can mingle with people who have grazed the covers of both Elle and Nylon Magazines.

Riff Raff is a mix of tiki room and underground Manhattan nightclub.  The walls are adorned with embroidered designs from various Malaysian villages and offers creative drinks with gigantic punch bowls.  If you want to be with the rich and famous, this is the place to be.

Avenue is one of the current additions to the exclusive clubs in New York and it is here that you can expect to meet A-listers in the city and clients from all over the world.  The table minimum for every gentleman that should be accompanied by a lady in heels is off the charts of regular clubbers but, if you are the celebrity type then it’s a small price to pay.

SL or Simyone Lounge can be found below the Meatpacking eatery Abe and Arthur’s.  This club offers intimate setting to its guests but has a really tight door policy since the usual guests are celebrities like Sean Penn, Mickey Rourke, Chace Crawford and even Jay-Z.

Based from the red and black color palate, Bar Basque offers a futuristic setting equipped with facilities for lounging and dining.  One of the main features of this club is the exquisite menu they offer to clients and the wide selection of wines sold by-the-glass.  There are ac ouple of choices for the settings and both indoors and outdoors can be enjoyed.

Finding the best clubs in New York

The easiest way for you to find clubs in New York is through listings online.  From there you can easily reach the location via taxi for convenience.  Ask around as you trudge along the city streets and from locales, you will be able to locate the best clubs in New York.

Places you cannot miss in New York

Places you cannot miss in New York

The buzzing city that never sleeps packs places that you cannot miss in New York.  The city is filled with a lot of landmarks and places you cannot miss in New York as you roam around this world-renowned city.

The list of places you cannot miss in New York

Below are the lists of places you cannot miss in New York.  These are simply one of the reasons why people would want to go on sightseeing in the famed city.

One of the most notable structure you can never miss when you go to New York is the Empire State Building.  This 102 story skyscraper is one of the prominent American icon that you can see in New York.  With a towering height of 1,250 feet, looking up from the busy streets can be easily caught in sight.  For almost 40 years, the building was known to be the tallest in the world until the World Trade Center was completed.  From below you can enjoy the great height of the building and at night, it is flooded by whose colors depend on the season or event celebrated.

The Statue of Liberty that stands on Liberty island is a gift from France.  The construction of the whole statue took years to complete since there was a lack of funds.  The whole statue was made in France as agreed, and the United States on the other hand was to develop the pedestal from which the statue is supposed to stand.  The statue was shipped from France to the US by parts in crates and since it was fully built together, the statue has undergone a lot of changes especially with its interior.

Rockefeller Center is made up of 19 commercial buildings that is built by the Rockefeller family.                  The project was supposed to build an opera house for the Metropolitan Opera however, the plans change when the stock market crashed in 1929 and with the delays caused by the Metropolitan as they would want to wait for lower lease.  Rockefeller chose to start the project on his own that became the largest private building project in the modern world.  Today, the Rockefeller Center is one of the top destinations especially during holidays where the central area is decorated accordingly.

If you are to use the subway, then there is a chance for you to come across the Grand Central Terminal.  It opened in the year 1871 and since then it is considered to be the largest train station when it comes to the number of platforms.  It has 67 tracks in total and connects commuters to various lines that sprawl beneath the city.

A lot more places you cannot miss in New York

Aside from those mentioned on top, there are a whole lot more places and landmarks that can encounter in New York.  The Grand Central Park, Federal Reserved Bank of New York, Brooklyn Bridge and so much more are a part of the list.  These places you cannot miss in New York can be a lot more enjoyable if you have plans set for your stay there.