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The best hangout places in New York

The best hangout places in New York

Being in the city that never sleeps where people are always on the go, it would only be best that you enjoy the flow of everyday in New York.  It would only be right for you to know the best hangout places in New York, to enjoy the best of every part of the city.  The city is known for a lot of landmarks and you can easily get lost with the number of choices you have.

List of the best hangout places in New York during the day

Here is a list of the best hangout places in New York that you can use in going around the city during the day.

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park – this area is located near the Brooklyn Bridge and is a great spot to have great relaxation while enjoying the scenic view of the towering buildings across the river.
  • Governors Island – 7-minute ferry ride can lead you to this island sanctuary that served as a military outpost and said to be off-limits to public visitors for 200 years.
  • High Line – an outdoor park elevated on the west side of Manhattan filled with greens and sculptures that adorn the outdoor scene of the city and the majestic view of the Hudson River.
  • Sheep Meadow – this is an area located in Central Park which is a 15-acre field found at the south west end of the park.
  • Washington Square Park – considered being one of the best sites to people-seeing during the warm months of the year.  Here you will see musicians and other street artists with skaters and a whole lot more people gather in what used to be a potter’s field.
  • Brooklyn Heights and promenade – is the place where you can find well-preserved Italianate and Greek Revival row houses filled with shops, bars and restaurants.  The promenade offers a great view for firework displays during the fourth of July.

List of the best hangout places in New York during the night

Night life in New York is well-known all over the world and you can start by hanging out in a selection of clubs.

  • Comedy Clubs – are great places to have a good laugh.  The city is well-known for great comic acts and clubs.
  • Music Venues – any popular band or singer that sets his/her eyes on the United States make sure to set a date with the city of New York.  A lot of these artists play in various clubs all throughout the city while others showcase new talents.
  • Dance Clubs – a lot of dance clubs can be found all over the city.  They range from simple pubs to high-end clubs where the VIPs are usually found even artists and stars.
  • Jazz Clubs – in the world of jazz, New York is considered to be the hub and big names have made their name in this city.

There are a whole lot more places in New York that you can go to and have some great fun.  Be it relaxation by day and party by night, all you need to do is look for the best hangout places in New York.