The unique culture of New York

The unique culture of New York

The unique culture of New York can be seen in all corners of the city.  At first, there were a lot of cultural movements that happened when in the 1940’s it was one of the best sites for Jazz, expressionism in the 50’s and became the home of hip hop, beat generation and punk rock in the 20th century together with the American modern dance.

The unique culture of New York:  Music, theatre, literature, art, dance

The unique culture of New York City can be seen in various areas.   It was in 1842 when The New York Philharmonic was formed and was key to establishing the musical reputation of the city.  Blues with the influence of jazz and then modernized started in New York where various versions of the genre emerged, so as the bands and vocalists.  It was also here that American folk music was revived.  The 60’s was the year of the disco and 70’s became the year of punk rock while the 70’s started the beginning of hip hop, funk, r&b and the 80’s played host to the so-called East Coast rap.

The Broadway musical came to fruition in New York that reflected real life situations that are being show in theatres.  Musicals were staged in this famed city and the playwrights like Elia Kazan and Arthur Miller were those who became the icons.  As of today, the city houses the 39 largest theatres where many of the popular Broadway shows become hits worldwide.

Literature has and is still playing an important part in the culture of New York City.  This is the place that gave birth to Harlem Renaissance that established what is known to be the African-American literary canon in the America which is also called “flowering of Negro literature.”  The New York Intellectuals emerged in the middle of the 20th century, a group of American writers and critics of literature.  Up until now, literature is still flourishing within the city.

New York City hosted an exhibition in the year 1913 called the Armory Show, bringing works of European modernist to the American soil and has since influenced the art making process in the United States up until the twentieth century.  The effervescent visual arts in the 50’s and 60’s characterized the American pop art movement.  As of today, the city is the center of the international market for the artworks with neighbourhoods of galleries showcasing works of known and to-be-known artists.

Modern dances become known in the 20th century in New York.  Since then, it gave birth to more types of dance that is now celebrated all throughout the world.  As rich as its history in New York, dances worldwide are now sharing with the glory that started in the city.

More than the unique culture of New York

Such cultures would have not emerged or even succeeded up until these times if not for the people who have supported it.  The city government itself is one of the biggest supporters of various crafts in the city that enriches the unique culture of New York not only for the locales but for everyone.

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