Why do hostels in New York score over hotels in the city?

Given the increasing popularity of hostels in New York, one cannot help but wonder as to what is the reason behind this sudden resurgence of hostels in the city, to the extent that they are actually being preferred over hotels. In this article, we examine some of the reasons.

Significantly lower tariffs

A major difference between hostels in New York and hotels in the same seems to be the fact that the tariffs are in fact a whole lot lower. Marginal differences may not have made much of a difference to people’s preferences but what we find is that the differences are actually substantial. Further, when we look at the profile of a number of visitors to town, who may be students as well as tourists on shoestring budgets, it becomes amply clear that the tariff difference is indeed significant as well as highly relevant to these persons.

hostels in new york: Comparable facilities

The reason a lot of individuals preferred going to hotels in the past, in spite of the higher tariffs, was the basic premise that facilities at hostels tended to be rather poor. For instance, one had to share dorms with strangers who could be boisterous and loud as well as possibly steal any of your belongings. Further, wash rooms and kitchens would have to be shared with many others staying at the same hostel. Today’s hostels in New York have pretty much changed the entire façade completely, by offering unparalleled quality of facilities, along with privacy and personal space in the form of individual or shared rooms where people can have their own space and privacy. Most other facilities at these hostels are also being revamped to an extent that they are easily comparable with some of the finest hotels.

Hostel in new york


Limited numbers of these hostels

In the past, the total number of hostels in New York was rather low; one had to struggle to get accommodation at these hostels. Further, given the limited number of hostels, one would have to travel great distances, to say places of work or visit, or even to commute further. All this meant that people started having serious reservations about staying at hostels in New York. They were simply not prepared to cope with the hassles surrounding such an experience. All this has of course changed now, with a proliferation of hostels in New York; today, no matter which part or borough of New York you head to, chances are good that you will find a suitable hostel, which would also be to your complete liking.

hostels in new york: Warm and safe environment

Compared to hotels where everyone is aloof of fellow guests at the same hotel, in hostels, there is a lot of camaraderie between everyone staying at the hostel. They interact closely with one another and share their life experiences with each other – something that would be rarely, if ever, done at a hotel in New York. Finally, most individuals, especially women, find these hostels to be a whole lot safer than hotels, with robust security provisions available at these facilities.



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